The Andrew Project

The Andrew Project came to us when thinking back to our founder’s story and where the path began. As we seek to create sustainable support for families, we can’t help but think “What happened to Andrew?” and “What about all the other Andrew’s in the world”. 

We acknowledge that every child and family’s story is unique and complex. The Andrew Project’s goal is to provide support to foster families, children in foster care, and families through reunification and preservation support as they experience the life-changing journey that is foster care. 


Through our partnership with Lifesong, we also support those who are preparing for adulthood.

 The Andrew Project is committed to providing financial assistance as foster parents, children in foster care, kinship placements, and those walking through a preservation journey receive trauma-competent counseling and parent coaching on their road to growth and healing.

A pioneering partnership with Lifesong to provide jobs, spiritual training, and stability to aged-out orphans. Pathways has supplied capital for the land for a working farm.

There are over

407,000 children and youth

foster care, and

34 percent

were placed with relatives or kin.

Education and Resources

Local Retreats

Connect Retreat

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Local Retreats

Leeward House

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Peace Cowen

Development Specialist

Peace joins the Pathways team after her role as the Director of Outreach for three campuses at Fusion Academy, a one-to-one private school for students struggling with traditional schooling.

In her role as the Development Specialist, she will focus on critical fundraising efforts to ensure families can receive the assistance they need. She enjoys building relationships and is passionate about supporting children in need. 

Peace graduated from Texas A&M University with an MS in Management, a BBA in Accounting, and a Certificate in Not-for-Profit Business. She has taught “Professional Ethics and Cultures” at the University of Houston, a course she designed to equip students with the ability better to approach ethical situations in an increasingly globalized world.

Peace loves to dance, sing, draw, and occasionally dabble in playing the djembe. She enjoys volunteering and has led volunteer efforts abroad in her birth country of India, encouraging continued education for children in communities of poverty. 

Peace’s favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 4:23: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”