I’ve dreamed about being a mom since l was a little girl. God planted a seed in my heart at a young age when a family in our church adopted. That seed grew over the years and would eventually lead to our family growing though adoption three times. When I least expect it, it will hit me… I get to be their mommy. Of all the women on Earth, God gave me the incredible honor to kiss their boo boos, tuck them in at night, and shepherd their little hearts. It’s a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Motherhood has given me a glimpse into God’s heart for His children, and I am forever grateful for all of the lessons He teaches me through motherhood.

More than any other day, on Mother’s Day, my mind drifts to their beautiful first moms and the selfless decision they made out of love for their children.

Inevitably, some time today, I will look around at the faces of my precious kids and my eyes will well up with tears, and I will whisper a thank you to our Heavenly Father for this gift of motherhood. Our family is forever grateful for the role Pathways for Little Feet played in helping us become a family!

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