Our Ministries

Three Ministries… One Mission

To provide sustainable care for orphans through financial assistance, nurturing families, and helping those children left behind to live healthy and productive lives.

The mission of Pathways for Little Feet is to provide “sustainable care for orphans.” Today, we strive to achieve our mission through three complementary ministries: The Family Fund, Family Care and Farms for Little Feet. Our “Family Fund” ministry lends funds, interest-free, to help middle-income families complete their adoption. Over the past ten years, we have helped hundreds of children become adopted. As the interest-free loans are repaid into the Family Fund these monies are lent to a new family. The second ministry of Pathways for Little Feet is “Family Care.” Many children who have grown up in orphanages or within the foster care system have a difficult time adjusting to their new family life. Family Care provides prayer and educational resources for these children and their families. The third ministry of Pathways is “Farms for Little Feet.” Many children will never be adopted and this endeavor seeks to help these orphans.

Family Fund

The Family Fund is a sound stewardship model of sustainability.

Many families wish to adopt a child and have the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial resources necessary to provide a nurturing and loving home. All too often, the overwhelming hurdle is the initial cost of adoption, which can be daunting. This is often the only impediment preventing willing families from adopting. Frequently, just a little bit of help is needed to save the life of a child and to enrich a family forever.

Pathways for Little Feet has created a designated account called the Family Fund that receives donations and provides interest-free loans to eligible families. As loans are repaid, the money is put to work in new loans. Donations to the Family Fund not only help a single family; they facilitate an unlimited number of orphan placements for years to come.

The Family Fund is a formally restricted fund, and funds can be used only for the purpose of assisting adoptions. Contributions to the Family Fund continue to support adoptions in perpetuity.

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Pathways for Little Feet was such an encouragement to us in the final stages of a very long and very expensive adoption journey. The interest-free loan was such a gift from God. Thank you!

– Dixon Family

Family Care

Pre and post-placement care for adoptive families

Adoption is always born out of a loss of biological family. We recognize the grief, loss, and early developmental trauma impacts the lives of those our families call sons and daughters. Family Care provides Counseling & Therapy Scholarships, resources, and prayer for children and families. If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please use the link below to request an application.



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Farms for Little Feet

A pioneering partnership with Lifesong to provide jobs, spiritual training, and stability to aged-out orphans. Pathways has supplied capital for the land for a working farm.

We are an organization about providing sustainable care for children and families. Ten years ago, we were called to help orphans and families thru our Pathways Family Fund. As time has passed, we have found that families and children not only need financial support but emotional and spiritual support as well which led us to create Pathways Family Care. As more time has passed, we’ve felt a calling to also help the “Andrew’s” that are left behind, and thus ‘aging out’.


Our plan is to build a high-value farm (strawberries, blueberries, etc), so that orphans will gain agricultural training and jobs, while the farm generates cash flow that helps orphans who live in the vicinity of the farm.

This is the second farm of its kind and is a proven stewardship concept that is repeatable and scalable across geographies.

Our hope is to continue the partnership on other farms in the future. These may take place in foreign lands or in the U.S.