“Thanks to Pathways for Little Feet, we have been in trauma-informed counseling. Watching the process of [our daughter] Grace, healing has been such a gift. We are prayerful to get continued help through counseling to set our sweet girl up for a successful life with the tools to cope with the trauma she has endured.”
Grace’s father and mother adopted Grace from overseas. She lived in an orphanage for 2 years before she was adopted. These first couple years of a child’s life are the most formative years for the brain, and due to her early childhood environment, Grace experienced developmental trauma. However, with the help of Counseling & Therapy Grants, their daughter has been able to get the help she needs to heal and feel set on track to build healthy relationships.
“Before we started counselling, Grace felt unable to regulate her emotions. Counseling helped us address the root of the problem. She was desperately struggling with attachment, and trauma was just seeping from her. It definitely got worse before it could get better.
I have learned so much on this journey. I have realized that trauma is not cured. Rather, it is a healing journey that must be met not only head on, but with patience, grace, and more expertise than I have! [The therapist] has used a combination of thera-play and EMDR techniques to help us heal and develop healthy relationships with each other. Grace now uses her words to communicate her emotions. Sometimes her words are not easy to hear, but she has come a long way from expressing herself through hitting, biting, and kicking.
Understanding her emotions attached to being a transracial adoptee has helped us be able to communicate with her more effectively. We have learned to use racial mirrors and work through these things in new ways. Counseling continues to be the thread that keeps us going, and we will forever be grateful to Pathways for Little Feet for the Counseling & Therapy Grant!”