We are high school sweethearts, and always dreamed of having a large family. In 2012, after 7 years of infertility, we began our adoption journey. The following year, we brought our oldest son home in January. There were many tears and prayers that accompanied the months in between; we finalized his adoption eight months later. Following his first two years of life, we were so thankful to receive the phone call about the potential of adding another baby boy to our family. The agency told us that it was a high risk situation, and asked if we were willing to still consider… YES! We’d trusted God thus far in our marriage, and we knew he wouldn’t let us down.

Our second son was born in March of 2015, and his adoption was finalized six months later. It had been four years since we brought our second son home, and about one year ago, we received an unexpected call about a little baby boy that was due in June. The news came on the same day that our beloved Grandpa Dave had passed away, and shortly after we received notice of a miscalculated tax bill that was due.

God has a beautiful and sometimes mysterious way of bringing joy in the midst of suffering.

Despite the circumstances, we were able to open our hearts and receive one of his most precious gifts in our third son. Our family has been abundantly blessed with three, perfect and beautiful boys, it’s amazing what God will do when we trust Him.

Pathways for Little Feet has been a perfect partner in God’s plan, allowing us the excitement of the unexpected to accompany our adoption journey. Their friendship and timely financial support has helped make way for the joyful surprise of new life, as opposed to the other reality that can seem so focused on just the financial responsibility and burden of all the fees that accompany an adoption. We are so thankful for their mission and willingness to support families during one of the best times of their lives!

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