When you least expect something is when it is bound to happen, and that is exactly how Elliot came into our lives. Due to the time difference between Germany and our agency in Utah we received the surprise of our lives at 2 AM in a one-sentence email with the subject line “Great News!!” The body of the email read: “Birth-mom wants to place baby with you!!!” Throughout the adoption process we often wondered if we would feel a connection with baby right away or if we would feel as though he wasn’t ours, but those worries quickly dissipated as we were guided into the nursery to where Elliot was laying under the warming lights. The door opened and we saw him across the room and we instantly knew he was our son.  We couldn’t be happier to bring our new precious baby home with us. Each day is an exciting adventure and a learning experience as well as a blessing now that Elliot is home with us. He is growing by the second and we are having the best time with him. We are humbled to be his parents and the titles of mom and dad are still novel to us.

We truly believe that God intended him to be in our family.


Elliot is 3 years old. He is such a fun energetic person. He loves to explore, read, and play with his friends.